Compelling stories. Visual impact. Lasting impressions.

For broadcast television, cinema, online channels and social media.

NewMedia Corporation sharpens the vision, creates the concepts and produces captivating visuals that entertain, inform, influence, impact and impress. Depending on audience and channels we craft movies, documentaries, instruction video’s, commercials, infomercials, mood video’s, corporate video’s and vlogs so that they convey your message in the best way possible.

Taking your objectives as a starting-point, we’ll draft a creative approach to conveying the story you want to share with your audience. Incorporating your feedback, we’ll tailor a proposal which meets your communication requirements and fits within your budget.

From there we’ll start planning the production, making sure all parties involved are well-briefed and fully prepared.

Typically, our productions are shot in UHD/’4K’ quality, with one camera or with multiple camera’s – where necessary. We then ‘post-produce’ the story; we edit, add animations and explanimations, color-correct and add audio so that you can view a ‘rough-cut’. Incorporating your feedback, we’ll then ‘finish’ the production and format it for distribution via various media.

Our aim is to help you realize your communication objectives without increasing your workload. By optimizing the production- and communication process we strive to help maximize output whilst rationalizing your input.

Let’s get communicating!