Excellence in Digital Media

NewMedia Corporation is a next-generation Digital Media Enterprise. We operate at the crossroads of media strategy, conceptual development, creative development, media production, media distribution, marketing, sales and content exploitation. Throughout all of our activities we focus on value-creation through an integral, qualitative and pragmatic approach.

We design our media products- and services for maximum impact and for optimal result. We work toward clearly defined goals and typically combine multiple channels and techniques to meet our objectives. We actively explore innovative exploitation models and aim to create win-win businesscases. Our team strives for excellence, no matter what the challenge may be.

NewMedia Corporation’s services are based on continuous development of our innovative systems and platforms. Integrating leading-edge ICT-, audiovisual-, e-commerce- and analytical technology and working with trusted partners, we provide end-to-end solutions which adhere to the highest standards of quality and continuity. Our advanced studio- and mobile facilities work together seamlessly and make for a flexible yet powerful palette of solutions.

Whether we broadcast your sporting competition, manage your digital campaigns, optimize your return on social media, livestream your event, produce your visual communication, manage your online channels, optimize your online returns or act as a host broadcaster, we are committed to achieving greatness together!