Broadband internet is literally everywhere. At home, at work, in school and in your pocket. Using broadband internet we distribute content to smartphones, PC’s, tablets and smart-tv’s. Through seamless integration with social media we manage to address specific audiences through a collection of channels.

Streaming media complement ‘traditional’ tv distribution, but for certain audiences they are a primary ‘route’ to the viewer. For Event Organizers and Rights Owners, live-streaming is a reliable, high-quality way of serving a broad audience. Independently, promoting their own brand, building a direct relationship with their audience.

Using our innovative cloud infrastructure, NewMedia Corporation enables livestreams in full-HD picture quality and with pristine sound. Live-streaming can be combined with conferencing systems for virtual, interactive  intra-company events. Also, live-streaming is an integral part of webinars, allowing for dozens to thousands of concurrent participants. Due to the high quality of image and sound, livestreams can also be offered to ‘traditional’ broadcasters, allowing them to carry the signal on their cable, terrestrial, online or satellite distribution channels.

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